The Best Things About Writing

We can all agree that writing is sometimes really difficult. Like I’m gonna punch myself in the face difficult. But, there is a reason that us writers do what we do. Writing can be fun and awesome and magical. So here are some of the best things about writing.

1.For those introverted writers out there (let’s face it… that’s basically all of us) you get a good excuse to be alone. Get an invited an event? Sorry, you have to write on your book today. People in general annoying you? You’ll just head upstairs and get a head start on your word count. Sun being too bright? Lock yourself in your writer’s nook, turn off all the lights, and close the curtains. Because you’re alone anyway, and no one can see you sitting in utter darkness typing on your laptop.

2. There are no rules. For all of you people out there that just scoffed and disagreed –           think about it. Freedom of speech is a thing, as in, you can write whatever you want however you want it. Sure, if you want to get traditionally published (I will go more into that in a later post) you may have to make it understandable to people beyond yourself, but otherwise, write whatever! Make up a whole secret language and write in it, develop a crazy planet people have never thought to imagine. Your mind is the limit! No one has to tell you what to do, which not many other jobs can say.

3. When you’re finally in the revise stage, and if you work on a laptop like me, seeing all of those pages filled up with your words is pretty awesome. When I’m done with my rough draft, I print out all of my work for the first time and revise/edit it on paper. It is possible that the greatest feeling ever is when you pick up your full first draft manuscript and ruffle it’s pages.

4. It’s interesting. If you tell people you’re an author, or even just aspiring to be one, most of the time it will grab their attention. Part of this is because there are not too many of us out there, but the other part is because writing is different from almost every other job. If you tell someone you work as a store clerk, people will nod and understand. If you tell people you’re a writer, they will either… A) Be really confused, B) Ask a million questions about what you are writing, or C) Start spouting about how cool that is. The point being, you as a writer will create conversation.

5. You are your own boss. Granted, if you got a traditional publisher on your side, you may not be as “boss-like” anymore, but for the most part, there is no one telling you how to write or what to write. Some people may try to impose rules or deadlines on you in the early drafting stage, but pay no heed to those people. The only boss you need to listen to is yourself. I have had a conversation like this before:

Me: I need to go work on my book, I have to finish this draft by Sunday.

Sister: Why by Sunday?

Me: Because the boss said so.

Sister: What boss?

Me: Me. I am the boss.

6. The people that believe in you are the best. There is no better feeling than mentioning your book to a friend and have them sincerely ask about it, and be excited for you, and want to read it when you’re done. Or have a family member tell you “you can do it, I know you can” when you’re feeling down about writing. It’s those people that you know will always be on your side, and are really good friends/family. Cherish those people.

7. Writing is who you are. When I started writing my first book, I didn’t know why I was doing it. I had no thoughts of becoming a writer. But I still wrote. It wasn’t until the middle of my rough draft when I decided that I had to do this all my life. I realized that I wanted to become a writer. Writing clicks with you, and you know that it’s just who you want to be. You’re passionate about it. 

Those are my top seven reasons for writing, but I really feel like the first six are just perks and the last one is the soul reason a writer does what s/he does. Any particular reason that you write?






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