The Worst Things About Writing

Okay, so we’ve established the fact that writing is pretty amazing. Us writers have practically fallen in love with it. But, writing is not a walk through the daisies. Sometimes it’s more like running on broken glass, while the sky is falling, and you have no shoes on. Here are some of the worst things about writing.

1. Those people that just don’t understand. Here you are, and you’ve put in hours of your own time into your book, you’ve sacrificed many other things you could be doing for your writing time. You’ve put in blood, sweat and tears. This book is your passion and your pride and joy. And then this happens:

Person: What’s that?

You: I’m just working on my book.

Person: What class is it for? (And if you have a job: What report is it for?)

You: Oh, no, I’m just doing it for fun. I hope to get it published someday.

Person: Oh, cool. *Walks away.*

Really person? Really? Fine, don’t care about my passion. Don’t worry, they’ll all come back after you’ve shown them proof of your excellence (I like to do this with my 100 page revise draft full of important-looking revisions done in green ink).

2. You miss a lot being cooped up in your writer’s nook all day. Shutting yourself in your room all day and refusing to go to any events can really put you on the outside of things. Someday, I feel like I’ll crawl out of my room to find that the sun imploded and it’s now the apocalypse. It’s okay, just move back into your writer’s nook and forget about it. It’ll all be worth it when you finish your book.

3. Those moments of sheer terror. You’ll be going along revising the heck out of your manuscript, when suddenly you look at the page number. 11. You’re only on page number eleven?! There’s so much more to do! How are you ever going to finish this book!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… When this happens to me, I go right back to page number eleven and keep revising. How are you going to finish if you don’t work?

4. Your book consuming your life. At one point, in the thick of your book, it will be the only thing you can and are willing to talk about to others. Everything else is irrelevant. Already told your friend five times today about how close you are to finishing that rough draft? Better tell him/her one more time, just to be clear. In fact, maybe you should tell them five more times, in case they weren’t listening for the first nine. People may get mad at you. Too bad for them though, because you refuse to talk about anything else.

5. Writing isn’t instant fame or money. There is a plethora of books and writers out there. Billions of books exist, and it will be difficult for yours to stand out among them. And it’s no secret in the writer’s world that it’s not easy to make a living off of writing alone. Writing doesn’t yield much money, and most writers have a day job with writing on the side.

6. Overall, writing isn’t convenient. You have to sacrifice things to write, you have to have dedication, and passion. In fact, it might be easier just to quit…

But you could never stop writing. Then where would you be? You’d have nothing to be passionate about, no purpose. Writing is everything to you, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What are your cringe worthy moments of being an author?




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