You’ve Landed on Writer’s Island

You’re on Writer’s Island!  This oblong landmass located in the middle of the ocean, far away from most non writers and civilization, serves as a sanctuary to it’s inhabitants – writers. Speaking of which inhabitants, they are known to forget the sight of sunlight after countless days spent in a dark room. And like how a bear hibernates, writer’s go through much of the same thing when on a writing spree.

Word of the wise: you wouldn’t poke a sleeping bear, so don’t poke a writing writer.

A Starbucks is located on every block, so you can enjoy fast WiFi and coffee (fun fact: the writer’s have erected more than thirty statues depicting a steaming coffee cup on the Island). And don’t worry, a copy-write registration building is sure to always be insight, just incase.

Of course there are multiple, vast libraries. Along with the normal heap of novels and books, they keep a supply of baby naming books, Writer’s Digest magazines, and the latest in agents and the industry.

It’s a bit strange how one would end up on Writer’s Island. Many don’t understand how they got there – they say it just “kinda happened.” Other’s somehow always knew they would end up on the Island. But once you arrive on Writer’s Island, there really is no going back. Writer’s Island will ensnare you forever.

Let’s take another look at the elusive inhabitants of the Island. Not all of them are coffee craving night owls, some are even morning people. However the writer writes, Writer’s Island is sure to be a place of refuge (if even you’ll never escape it. New comers may refer to it as boarder line a prison, but that’s just being dramatic – right?).

Here on Writer’s Island, the writer’s act as a closed-off community, only wanting (or willing) to speak to each other. That’s because other writer’s just get it. There is no explaining the weird connection writer’s have to each other, but they all conglomerate into groups, like the schooling of fish.

So, hey, this is Writer’s Island, sometimes thought of as a myth (and also known as  the Bermuda Triangle in many cases). Don’t come visit – writers hate visitors – and if you do end up getting stuck here, don’t produce any grammatical errors in your attempts at letters for help. The writers will hurt you. But you don’t need to fret, soon you will succumb to the life of a writer here on the beautiful Writer’s Island.


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