Moving on from One Book to Another

I thought that after I finished writing my novel “Rhinos” I could simply move onto writing another book. But it’s not that easy.

It’s hard to move on from writing one book to writing a completely different one. The characters are different, the setting is different, the problems are different, etc. And it’s not easy to switch gears and start writing another fictitious world. You’re dealing with a whole new bunch of characters, all of which think differently and act differently.

And for me, it’s almost an uneasy feeling to “put away” the characters in my first book to write the new ones. The characters in “Rhinos” are close to my heart, and all of a sudden I’m constantly hanging out with new characters and the others are as good as dead.

I wrote “Rhinos” in first person, and I also want to write my second book in first person. This presents a challenge. I’m constantly catching myself and saying, “no, she can’t think that, that’s just like how [insert first person character from “Rhinos”] thought.”

Some authors say that your second book is a duplicate of the first, and I think they may be right – to some degree.

On the other hand, starting to write a whole new book is incredibly refreshing. If you’ve been working on one novel for a long time, it feels good to finally move on to another idea. Also, when you get towards the end writing your book, it’s mostly editing that will occur. Starting a pre-write or a rough draft for a new book lets you be make something entirely new and use those creative thoughts. Instead of editing, you’re finally writing again! Yay!

So have a party, celebrate, and celebrate some more.                                                                               Your book is done, but now you’re onto your next one.



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