Writing with Music: Yay or Nay?

Some people write with music, some don’t. It’s all a matter of preference, and there is no right or wrong answer. For me personally, it depends on what I’m writing and what type of music.

When writing blog posts I usually allow some upbeat pop music on in the background which I can listen to and sing along to while I type.

When pre-writing I also love to have some of my favorite songs on (both with words and instrumental). This is because music kinda opens up the mind and allows more ideas to enter my head. The expectation to this is if I’m trying to plan out a complicated part of a book, in which case the song distracts me and makes me frustrated.

With the rough draft it depends on my mood. If I’m going for a quick twenty minutes of writing and a low word count, or I’m not writing an important scene, I will put some of my favorite songs on low volume just for some background noise. Sometimes complete silence can be suffocating. But if I’m going for an intense writing session where I want to make a lot of progress, or I have a really important/complicated scene, I won’t turn any music on. And if I want that background noise but find the words of a song interfering with my thoughts, I’ll listen to some low volume instrumental songs.

Editing. I like to read in silence, and find it difficult to process words with a song on. But editing can be excruciating and ridiculously tedious. To get through my editing/revising sessions I usually have to turn Pandora on. The songs rejuvenate me a bit and help me to keep going when I am simply done. For me, silence when editing is crushing. The only time I don’t turn on music while I’m “editing” is when I am just reading over my story and not marking up anything.

Feel free to discuss below weather you write with music: yay or nay?


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