“Taking a Break:” The Space In Between Books

I finished up with my novel “Rhinos” in August of 2016. This left me wondering what my next big writing project would be, and if I was even mentally ready to tackle another one so soon. Starting another book isn’t an easy feat. Writing a book takes much dedication, work, and a load of time. So, the question was if I was ready to start the whole process over again and allow another book to take over my mind.

School was starting for me at the end of August, which meant I would have way less time than I did before, and it would take even more time to adjust to everything. I decided to resolve myself to “taking a break” from another writing project for a few months. I could read many books, work on figuring out my new blog, and relax with the idea that I had a book with my name on it…

“Taking a break” didn’t last long. If I recall, I had started in on writing poetry again, was looking over past narratives, and had begun something I called “quick writes” (these were little one word or sentence prompts I would base a quick narrative off of). As for my goal to read more books, I was quick to learn that Reading Is Not The Same After Writing.

It was one day that a little line of dialogue spoke in my head, and for a couple days I kept hearing it. I knew I had to write a book around it, and that it wouldn’t wait any longer.

My next book began less than three weeks after I finished my last.



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