The Steps to My Books

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty curious as to how the lives of other authors work (I think this may be because authors seem so elusive outside of the internet-land). I’m always up to read a bit about the life of another author, especially a successful one. So, to help other authors fuel this need for knowledge, here are the logistics to myself writing:

The steps to my writing process:

Pre-write – a loose plan of how my novel should flow, consisting perhaps of major scenes and character entries, as well as turning points and the identification of the setting.

Rough draft – the first cohesive draft and baseline to my novel. While the most fun part to write, it reads the worst.

Revise draft one – this is the first draft where I work on editing and revising. I take the rough draft, print it out (I prefer to type on a computer), and go at it with my favorite green pen. Then, after all the pages have slashes and lines through them, I sit back down with my computer on the left, my printed revise draft on the right. On the computer I make a copy of the rough draft, rename it “revise draft one,” and input my markings on the print version into the computer.

Revise draft two – Print out revise draft one, revise/edit it, make a copy of revise draft one on computer, rename it, input changes. Repeat until desired.

Pre-beta reader draft – The draft I give to my pre-beta readers. So, I have these things called “pre-beta readers.” These people are my immediate family. They get to read over my book first and make sure I don’t have any stupid mistakes in it before I release the book to my beta readers (the rest of my family and my friends and acquaintances). This is because I don’t want to completely embarrass myself or have every single beta reader pointing out a huge flaw I somehow missed.

Final beta reader draft – this is the draft I feel safe enough giving to all of my beta readers for review. Whenever possible, I prefer to share my book online, to prevent using up all of the printer’s ink and pages.

Final draft – After I have collected all of my beta reader’s feedback and gone through it, marking up my “final beta reader draft,” I make a copy of the document online and rename it – you guessed it – “final draft.” This is a pretty emotional time for me. After all that work, this is it. The draft. Sometimes I will go through this draft multiple times online, just to make sure it is perfect, and that there are no stupid errors. After all that, when I feel it safe enough to do so, I print out my final draft to forever keep immortalized in printer ink and pages.

Now, those are my steps to writing the book, and I haven’t even mentioned the post-writing part. But, that’s a whole other beast. However, for a brief look into what I do after writing the book, check out this post on how I fully immortalize my writing.



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